About me

As a computer scientist specializing in medical data science, my skills cover a broad range of technical areas. With a master's degree in medical informatics and a background in systems administration, I am proficient in both software development and system management.

My development skills encompass Python, Bash, PowerShell andsome prior experience with Java, JavaScript, C and C++. This enables me to deliver software solutions that address the unique needs of medical data science teams, including data exchange, interoperability, and automation.

On the system management side, I possess expertise in Linux and FreeBSD administration, enabling me to manage and secure Unix-based systems. I am well-versed in automation tools like Ansible, which I leverage to scale infrastructure and automate tasks. Additionally, I have experience in DevOps techniques and software test automation.

In terms of project management, I am skilled in using collaboration tools such as GitLab, Atlassian JIRA and Confluence to streamline team workflows and maximize productivity. My experience in these areas allows me to effectively communicate with stakeholders, facilitate project workflows, and track progress.

In addition to my technical skills, I am familiar with healthcare data exchange standards such as HL7 FHIR and HL7v2, as well as REST APIs. This knowledge is critical to my ability to work on medical data science projects that involve data exchange and interoperability.

Currently, I'm expanding into data architecture technologies, delving into advanced concepts in data modeling, database design, and optimizing data storage.

Overall, I am a versatile and experienced computer scientist with a passion for medical data science. My proficiencies in software development, system management, and project management equip me to tackle any technical challenge in the field of medical data science.